PG-T History of the Seventies


During the 1960s Phillip performed with a band from Guildford, Surrey, known as ‘The Stormsville Shakers’. (See. Much under-rated they struggled to gain a recording contract but finally had minor chart success with “Gonna put some hurt on you” on the Parlophone label (no.40 Melody Maker 4/6/66). The subsequent follow-ups, “No problem” and “You can’t take love” failed to improve on this and in 1967, the band changed image and name to ‘Circus’.
Again, record releases “Do you dream” and “Gone are the songs of yesterday,” both penned by Phillip, made minimal impression but towards Christmas 1967, it transpired that ‘teeny bop’ sensations, ‘The Love Affair’ had covered “Gone are the songs of yesterday” as the b-side to their number one hit, “Everlasting love”. Subsequently, Phillip signed a management contract with Love Affair’s managers, John Cokell and Sid Bacon and during 1968, penned “A day without love”, a top ten hit. Phillip’s publishing agreement with Dick James Music (renowned publisher of the Beatles’ Northern Songs catalogue) was improved and extended. Phillip left Circus and, while they released their first album on the prestigious Transatlantic label, (TRA 207) Phillip’s solo career was launched in January, 1969.


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Dec 2nd

Reception and official solo launch at the Café Royal, London
“Love has got hold of me” b/w “Only too pleased to help” released on Decca Records
Love Affair release “One Road” on CBS Records
Love Affair release “Bringing on back the good times” CBS.
Circus release album on Transatlantic Records. (TRA 207)
Love Affair release “Baby I know” on CBS Records
PG-T records a “Why a woman needs a man” with Caleb Quaye (guitar), Roger Pope (drums) at DJM Studios.
PG-T begins recording demos for 1st album for DJM Records.



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Aug 12/13th
Aug 25th
Sept 12th
Sept 18th


Love Affair (without Steve Ellis) release “Lincoln county” on CBS Records (Auguste Eadon is featured vocalist)
Recording demos for “Rehearsal” LP. DJM studios.
Record demo “Run see the sun” DJM studios
Record demos for Rehearsal LP. DJM studios
Song writing “Jeannie” for Rehearsal LP
Song writing “Climb aboard my bus” for Rehearsal LP
Recording demo “When tomorrow comes” for Rehearsal LP
Song writing “Heaven help Belinda” for Rehearsal LP
Meeting with Robert Kirby, arranger.
Zoot Money releases “No one but you” single. Polydor (produced by Alan Price)
Meeting with Rodger Bain, record producer.
PG-T signs Recording Agreement with DJM Records
Start recordings for Rehearsal LP for DJM Records, Rodger Bain producing
Recording “Heaven help Belinda” with Ivor Morants (banjo) DJM studio.
Overdubbing strings and string quartet at Trident studios, London. Strings arranged by Robert Kirby.
Overdubbing Moog synthesizer at DJM studios.
Brass, arrangements by Robert Kirby, overdubbed DJM studio. Steel guitar by B.J.Cole overdubs

Overdubbing Westminster boys choir on “Jeannie” at DJM studios. PG-T vocals on “Rehearsal” LP tracks.
  PG-T vocals on “Rehearsal” LP tracks.
Overdubbing back-up vocals (Sue & Sunny with Doris Troy)
Mix-downs for “Rehearsal” LP at DJM studios (Rodger Bain)
Recording “I didn’t know myself” for DJM records
Roundhouse, Chalk Farm with East of Eden, Patto, Curtis Maldoon, Spirogyra and Jeff Dexter.
Lunchtime reception at the Revolution club to launch “Rehearsal”L.P./”Jeannie” as a single.

Rehearsal LP                  DJLPS 411 stereo

Side one:

Side two:

Children of the last war 3.20
Climb aboard my bus. 3.10
In my world 2.40
One road 3.15
Belinda 1.50
Lean on me 3.45
Tramp 2.45
Gone are the songs of yesterday 3.25
Once I thought 2.20
Run see the sun 2.35
Jeannie 3.30
When tomorrow comes 3.35
The door is closing 1.10

All songs written by Phillip Goodhand-Tait & John Cokell except “One road”, “Gone are the songs of yesterday” and “Run see the sun” written by Phillip Goodhand-Tait. The album was recorded at Dick James Studios. Engineer: Jeff Titmus. Produced by Rodger Bain. M.D. and arranger – Robert Kirby. DJM label co-ordinator-Steve Brown. Sleeve design and photography by David Larkham.

Musicians: Barry Morgan, Dave Richmond, Roger Coulam, Joe Moretti, Clive Hicks, B.J.Cole, Caleb Quaye, Frank Clarke, Johnny Van Derrick, Ivor Mairants, Denis Lopez, Vic Ash, Sue & Sunny, Doris Troy, P.P.Arnold and the Westminster City Boys Choir.


Nov 2nd
Dec 15th

John Cokell starts work at DJM Records as PG-T personal manager.
Recording “Oh Rosanna” at DJM studios


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Dec 17th
Dec 18th

Recording for BBC radio 1’s “Night ride”
“Oh Rosanna” single released on DJM Records
Recording for BBC radio 1’s “Night ride”
Audition Andy Ward (drums), Doug Ferguson (bass) and Andy Latimer (guitar) for back-up band.
Rehearse with back-up band
Rehearse with back-up band

Rehearse “Silverwing” at DJM studios
Recording “I think I’ll write a song” at DJM studios
Rehearse with back-up band
Rehearse with back-up band
Recording “Silverwing” at DJM studios for “I think I’ll write a song” LP.
Rehearse with back-up band
Rehearse with back-up band
BBC “Night ride” broadcast Gig at Fareham 2 x 45 mins
Recording “Sounds of the ‘70s”
BBC “Night ride broadcast”
Rehearsal with back-up band
Hampstead Country Club with Triax.
“Sound of the ‘70s” broadcast (“Silverwing”, “Cold night” and “When tomorrow comes”)
Rehearsal with back-up band

Speakeasy, London 3 x 30 mins.
Recording at DJM studio “Jingle jangle man” and “Medicine Man”.
Heads Club, Queensway, London 3 x 30 mins
Recording at DJM studio “Parents eyes” and “Sunrise sunset”
Recording at DJM studio “Who laid your living down” and “In the old country”
Overdubbing elec. Harpsichord and guitars, DJM studio.
Overdubbing organ. Vocals recording at DJM studio.
Aylesbury for Friars Earth at the Assembly Hall, Market Square with “The Groundhogs”  1 x 60 mins.
Overdubbing B.J.Cole on steel guitar and recording vocals at DJM.
Overdubbing brass section on “Medicine man” at DJM studio.
Overdubbing back-up vocals at DJM studio.
Birdcage, Harlow. Mixing “I think I’ll write a song” LP at DJM studio. Rodger Bain producer. The Temple, Wardour St., London, All-nighter with Skin Alley and U.F.O.
High Wycombe Town Hall
Bumpers Club, Coventry St., London  1 x 60 mins
Ronnie Scotts Club, Frith St., London 2 x 45 mins
Aquarius Birdcage club, Harlow 1 x 60 mins
Scotch of St. James club, London 2 x 45 mins
Southampton Guildhall with Edgar Broughton

Bradford University with East of Eden 2 x 45 mins
Heads Club, London
Mixing “I think I’ll write a song” LP with Rodger Bain.
Meeting Cy Enfield re music for “Universal soldier” film Pheasantry club, Kings Rd, London
Watford Town Hall with The Faces 1 x 60 mins
Lyceum, the Strand, London with the Strawbs, Renaissance
Recording music forUniversal soldier” film
Rehearsal with band at Addlestone, Surrey
Skindles Hotel, Maidenhead 2 x 45 mins
Leicester University with Lindisfarne
Heads club, Queensway, London.
Speakeasy club, London
Sisters club, London
Bowes Lyon House, Stevenage 1 x 60 mins
Maria Grey College, Twickenham
Birdcage club, Harlow 1 x 60 mins
Loughborough University 2 x 45 mins

Ronnie Scotts club, London
Ronnie Scotts club, London
Ronnie Scotts club, London
National Film Theatre. Showing of “Universal soldier” Starring George Lazenby.
The Old Granary, Bristol 1 x 75 mins
Recording vocal/piano at DJM studio “The Deserter”
The Pheasantry, Kings Rd., London
Sheffield University with Hookfoot
Bumpers club, London
Henry’s Blues House, The Crown, Birmingham

The Pheasantry, Kings Rd., London
The Pheasantry, Kings Rd., London

Bumpers club, Piccadilly Circus, London

“I think I’ll write a song” album release DJLPS416

Side 1

Side 2

I think I’ll write a song 3.00
Who laid your living down 2.15
In the old country 3.30
Oh Rosanna 2.50
Cold night 2.20
Sunrise sunset 4.30
Silverwing 5.25

Jingle jangle man 3.45
Parents eyes 2.35
Medicine man 4.40
Drink in the sunshine 1.45.

All songs written by Phillip Goodhand-Tait.
Musicians: Phillip Goodhand-Tait – keyboards and vocals, Andy Latimer – all guitars, Doug Ferguson – bass, Andy Ward – drums, Ian Duck – harmonica on “Cold night”, Caleb Quaye – bottleneck guitar on “Oh Rosanna”, B.J.Cole – steel guitar on “In the old country” and “Sunrise sunset”.
Produced by Rodger Bain. Engineered by Jeff Titmus. Tape operator, Terry Carty.  DYM label co-ordination: Steve Brown. Sleeve design by David Larkham.

Torrington, London 2 x 45 mins.
Interview for World Service radio. Kid Jensen nightly on Radio Luxembourg makes “I think I’ll write a song” his “Hardrock Heavyweight” .
Bumpers club, London
Interview for Melody Maker
Tenby, de Valence Pavillion 1 x 45

 BBC Speakeasy recording “In the old country”, ”I think I’ll write a song” “Who laid your living down”, “Jingle Jangle man”
 and “Everyday”
BBC Speakeasy broadcast
Queen Elizabeth Hall with East of Eden
Peacehaven, nr. Brighton
Solo recording at DJM studios. “Peace of mind" “Everyday”, “When that day comes”, “The Deserter”
Rehearsal with new back-up musicians Chas Cronk, (bass) and Ernie Hayes, (guitar)
Mixing recordings at DJM studios
Spiders club, Tottenham, London 1 x 75 mins

Newcastle University. 1 x 75 mins
Hertford. Balls Park Training College 1 x 75 mins
Cheltenham, Town Hall 1 x 75 mins
Sheffield Polytechnic. 1 x 60 mins
Hanley, The Place  1 x 75 mins
Penshurst. Folk music and barbeque.(rain stopped play)
“Everyday” released as a single on DJM Records. Queen Mary College, Mile End Rd., London 1 x 75 mins with Hardin and York.
Imperial College, London 1 x 60 mins with Sam Apple Pie. Noel Edmunds begins playing “Everyday” on weekly radio 1 show
Recording demos for “Songfall” at DJM studio. J.B’s at Dudley, Worcester 1 x 60
Aylesbury. ‘Friars’ with Stone Ground

Johnny Walker begins playing “Everyday” daily on radio 1.
Leicester Polytechnic. 1 x 75 mins
Sheffield University. 1 x 75 mins.
Marquee Club, London. NME Free Concert with Hookfoot and Marianne Segal.
Recording demos for “Songfall”
University College, London  1 x 75 mins with Brewer’s Droop
Lewisham Concert Hall  1 x 60 mins with Mick Abraham’s Band and Tir Na Nog
Oxford, Polytechnic 1 x 75
Glasgow. University 1 x 60 mins
Bradford. University  1 x 75
The Roundhouse, London

Lyceum, The Strand, London with Wishbone Ash and Renaissance
Exeter University with Bronco
Recording at DJM studios with C.Cronk and E.Hayes for “Songfall”
Hampstead Country club, London
Brunel University, Uxbridge with Keef Hartley band.
Leicester University with Redbone, Love Affair, Paul Bretts’ Sage.
High Wycombe Grammar school
Bedford. “Friars”


Jan 3 - 7th
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Apr 24 - 26th
Apr 27th

May 5th
May 13th
May 15th
May 16th
May 17th

Jun 16th
Jun 19th
Jun 26th

Working on “Songfall” LP at DJM studio.
Radio Veronica interview.
Southsea. South Parade Pier with The Groundhogs
Recording at DJM studio.
Imperial College, London with “America”.

Re-working “Songfall” LP at DJM studio.
Salford University.  1 x 60 mins.
Strathclyde University
York University.
Imperial College, London with America and Linda Lewis.
Travelling to Copenhagen for promoter Eric Thomson.
Copenhagen, Heligoland Hotel.

Copenhagen, K.B.Halle with “Deep Purple”
Copenhagen, Palace Hotel
Odense, Denmark with “Deep Purple”.
Arhus, Denmark with “Deep Purple”.
Travel from Hamburg.
The Torrington, north London
Travel to Frankfurt, Germany
Frankfurt, Scala Hotel. cancellations and tantrums with Elton John.
Munich, Deutsches Museum with Elton John
Photo shoot with Brava magazine
Travel to Hamburg, Eden Hotel.
Hamburg, Musikhalle with Elton John
Travel to Dusseldorf, Lindenhoff hotel.
Dusseldorf, Rheinhalle with Elton John
Berlin, Sportpalast with Elton John
Frankfurt, Jahhunderthalle with Elton John
Travel to Ostend. Elton cancels remaining 5 dates in Italy.

Re-recording “Songfall” LP at Morgan studios, London.
Travel to Holland
Rotterdam with Elton John
Amsterdam, Concertgebour with Elton John
Mixing “Songfall” LP at Morgan studios, London.
Southsea, South Parade Pier with Sandy Denny
Mixing and strings for “Songfall” LP, Morgan studios.
Presenting “Songfall” LP to DJM Records (rejected)

Chelmsford, Mid-Essex Tech’ College & School of Art
Luton, College of Technology
Recording with Ray Cooper (percussion) DJM studio
Recording steel band, DJM studio
Recording with Martin Fry (tuba) DJM studio

Recording with Barry St.John, Liza Strike, Carolyn Attard.
Recording with Rick Wakeman DJM studio
DJM Records accept “Songfall” LP.

“SONGFALL” album          DJLPS 425

Side 1

Side 2

Moon 3.11
Blue day 2.20
Everyday 2.40
Leon 3.58
The deserter 3.28
Country green ahead 3.08

When will I be loved 3.30
Not really here right now 2.50
Processed 2.20
Child of Jesus 2.50
New moon tonight 3.32
When that day comes 2.40

All titles written by Phillip Goodhand-Tait except “Everyday” (Norman Petty & Charles Hardin) and “When will I be loved” (Phil Everly).

Musicians: Phillip Goodhand-Tait (vocals and piano), Chas Cronk (bass, acoustic guitars and backing vocals), Ernie Hayes (acoustic and electric guitars). Caroline Attard, Austin Baptiste, B.J.Cole, Ray Cooper, Martin Fry, Tony Harris, Barry St. John, Davey Johnstone, Helen Liebman, Mathew Martin, Don McVay, Roger Pope, Peter Ross, Marian Segal, Liza Strike, Barry de Souza, Dave Waite and Rick Wakeman.
Sleeve concept by C.D.Rainer. Sleeve cover photography by Iver Hansen.
Sleeve design and inner sleeve photography by Michael Ross. Arranged and produced by Phillip Goodhand-Tait. Co-ordinated by John Cokell.

July 14th
July 27 - 28th

Aug 7th
Aug 17th

Sept 1st

Sept 8th
Sept 27th
Sept 28th
Sept 29th

Oct 7th
Oct 13th
Oct 14th
Oct 19th
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Oct 24th
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Oct 26th
Oct 27th
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Oct 29th
Oct 30th

Nov 1st
Nov 2nd
Nov 11th
Nov 12th
Nov 13th
Nov 15th
Nov 17th
Nov 20th
Nov 21st
Nov 28th

Dec 1st
Dec 3rd

Photo session with Mike Ross
Recording “City streets” at DJM studio.

Recording “Sound of the ‘70s”
Sound of the ‘70s” broadcast

“City Streets” single released by DJM Records “I think I’ll write a song” DJM LP released by Bell Records in USA – a division of Columbia Pictures Industries Inc. New York (DJM 9102) using “Rehearsal” sleeve and adding extra track, “Everyday”.
Recording “Speakeasy” BBC radio, Paris Theatre, London
Manchester, College of Commerce.

Interview for Connor McKnight, Time Out magazine
Edmonton, Sundown

Glasgow University with Lou Reed
Cambridge, Lady Mitchell Hall with Lou Reed
Leicester University with Lou Reed
Liverpool, Liverpool Stadium with Lou Reed.
Colchester, University of Essex with Lou Reed
Imperial College, London with Lou Reed
Manchester, Hard Rock Concert Theatre with Lou Reed
Recording “John Peel” show: "Child of Jesus", "Leon", "When Will I Be Loved" and "Raining Rain".
Oxford, Polytechnic with Lou Reed
Birmingham, Alhambra Rock Theatre with Lou Reed
Leeds, Polytechnic with Lou Reed
Kingston-upon-Thames, Polytechnic with Lou Reed
Southampton, Guildhall with Lou Reed
Dunstable, Civic Hall with Lou Reed.

Mile End Sundown, with Lou Reed
Pheasantry club, London with Lou Reed
Stratford, North East London Polytechnic
Sundown club, Edmonton
Video recording, Shepperton studios
Travelling to New York
Audition for Columbia C.B.S.
Audition for Metro Media.
Travelling to London. John Peel show broadcast
Record/broadcast “Old Grey Whistle Test” BBC TV

Recording “Speakeasy” radio show.
“Speakeasy” broadcast


1973 dates are not necessarily accurate since diaries and other records from this year were stolen in Los Angeles at the Hyatt Hotel on Sunset Strip.


Feb 12th
Feb 24th

Mar 26 / 27th

April 7th
April 8th
April 9th
April 16th

May 3rd
May 10th

Jun 22nd

July 28th

Bournemouth Winter Gardens with Chris de Burgh
Love Affair release single “Let me dance” on Pye Records.

Rome, Italy at the Palasport.

Guildford, Civic Hall with Family.
Stoke-on-Trent,Trentham Gardens with Family.
Leeds Town Hall with Family
Salisbury, City Hall with Family

Stockton –on-Tees with Family
Imperial College, London with Family.

“You are” single released on DJM Records (DJS 278)

Greenwich Theatre, London SE 10 with Stray.

Sept 2nd
Sept 4th
Sept 5th
Sept 6th
Sept 7th
Sept 9th
Sept 11th
Sept 13th
Sept 15th
Sept 16th
Sept 20th
Sept 22nd
Sept 23rd
Sept 25th
Sept 26th
Sept 27th
Sept 28th
Sept 30th

Yarmouth, Britannia with Family-“The Farewell Tour”
Manchester, Free Trade Hall with Family
Birmingham, Town Hall with Family
Stevenage Locarno with Family
Newcastle, City Hall with Family
Croydon, Fairfield Hall with Family
Bristol, Colston Hall with Family
Leicester, De Montford Halls with Family
Brighton, The Dome with Family
Oxford, New Theatre with Family
Liverpool, Empire theatre with Family
Rainbow, London with Linda Lewis and Family
Southport Floral Hall with Family.
Edinburgh, Empire Theatre with Family
Glasgow, Greens Playhouse with Family
Sheffield, City Hall with Family
Cardiff, Capitol with Family
Bournemouth, Hard Rock with Family


Before travelling to the USA for a 6-7 week tour, musicians De Lisle Harper (bass), Mick Underwood (drums) and Ronnie Leahy (synthesizer keyboards) were recruited in the U.K. Rehearsals with them took place before going to America, and playing the following cities, mostly for a week in each:

Oct 18 - 21st

San Francisco
Los Angeles, Roxy Theatre with Jackson Brown
Washington, Georgetown
Atlanta, Great American Ballroom with Harry Chapin
Philadelphia, The Main Point
Boston, with Bob Marley
New York

As the tour ended, 20th Century Records, in Los Angeles, USA, a subsidiary of Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation,  released “ PHILLP GOODHAND-TAIT” an  album (T 424). (Simultaneously 20th Century had their greatest success with the then unknown Barry White.)

Side 1

Side 2

Five flight walk up
I think I can believe
One more rodeo
Teenage canteen (dedicated to Betty Ackerman)
Forever kind of love

You are
Reach out for each other
Sugar train
Warm summer rain

All songs written by Phillip Goodhand-Tait except “Forever kind of love” by PG-T and John Cokell. Produced by Robin Geoffrey Cable. Engineered by Mike Stone. Recorded and mixed at Trident, Air, Wessex and DJM studios and mixed at Trident Studios, London. Sleeve design by Rick Irvine. Photography by Mike Putland and Album co-ordination by John Cokell.


Jan 6th
Jan 9th
Jan 17th
Jan 23rd
Jan 25th
Jan 31st

Feb 1st
Feb 8th
Feb 11th
Feb 12th
Feb 14th

Mar 1st
Mar 4th
Mar 7th
Mar 9th
Mar 11th
Mar 12th
Mar 16th
Mar 17th
Mar 23rd

Apr 1st
Apr 11th
Apr 20th
Apr 30th

May 2nd
May 9th
May 16th
May 22nd
May 24th
May 25th
May 28th
May 29th

June 1st
June 2nd
June 8th
June 26th
June 27th

July 10th
July 15th
July 26th

Oct 25th

Nov 18th
Nov 22nd
Nov 25th

Dec 11th

Recording “Almost killed a man” at Trident studios Robin Cable producer.
Rehearsing with replacement drummer Chico Greenwood
Interviews: Beat Instrumental, Mirabelle, Melanie, Popswap, Jackie.
Didsbury, Manchester
Interviews; Record Mirror, Girl about town.

New Ash Green, Kent
Recording for David Hamilton show
Recording “Top Gear” show: "Almost killed a man", "Ready willing and able", "Jesus didn't only love the cowboys" and "Everybody's gone away".
City of London Polytechnic

London, Marquee club. “Almost killed a man” single released by DJM Records (DJS 295)
Reigate, Market Hotel
Recording “Sounds on Sunday” interview with Alan Freeman
John Peel's "Top Gear" broadcast.
“Top Gear” broadcast
Leeds University
“Sounds on Sunday” broadcast
London, Marquee club

Manchester, Piccadilly Radio interview
Basildon, Arts Centre
Folkestone, Leas Cliff Hall
Hull, interview Daily Mail

Interviews; Manchester Piccadilly radio and Glasgow Radio Clyde with Maggie Coburn
Interviews; Oxford radio and Radio Solent, Southampton
Interviews;Radio Sheffield and Hallam radio, Leeds
Interview at Radio Medway

Record “Speakeasy” programme at BBC
Holland for TV show promoting “Leon”

Interview for BRMB radio, Birmingham
Interviews for radios Leicester and Nottingham

Malvern, Festival theatre. Musicians: Chico Greenwood drums, Ronnie Leahy Synthesizer.
“Speakeasy” broadcast
“Almost killed a man” single released by 20th Century Records, USA.
Amsterdam, Holland
Rotterdam, Holland

Turned down renewal of DJM Records contract
Recorded Harmonium for Chris de Burgh Ramport studios
Andy Peebles interview Piccadilly radio, Manchester

DJM Records re-releases “You are”

“Akenfield” shown at National Film Festival
Moon Williams records “Old fashioned love” for DJM.
Meeting with Roger Daltrey and Russ Ballard about songs for “Ride a rock horse” album

Recording for Piccadilly radio, Manchester


Jan 24th
Jan 26th

Apr 11th
Apr 13th
Apr 14th

May 2nd
May 9th
May 10th
May 11th
May 13th
May 14th

Jun 17th
Jun 20th

July 2nd
July 11th
July 19 / 20th

Sept 19th
Sept 26th

Oct 4th
Oct 5th
Oct 11th
Oct 22nd

Nov 7th
Nov 29th

Dec 5th

Recording piano for “Ride a rock horse” with Roger Daltrey and Russ Ballard.
Premiere of “Akenfield”

Vereniging Witjmegan, Holland for Bosman Promotions with 10cc
Groningen Oosterpoort Hall.

Carre Theatre, Amsterdam

Nottingham, University
Tienen, Belgium
Rehearsals for BRT, Brussels Limburg, Cultural Centre, Neerpelt.
Belgium TV BRT Brussels “Bunnen en Buiten”

Radio Television Belge (RTB) “Follies No.77”
Beursschouwburg, Brussels

Recording “Inter-city flight” with Chico Greenwood (drums) Ronnie Leahy (synthesizer)
Meeting with Lloyd Grossman

“Ride a Rock Horse” Roger Daltrey album released by Polydor
Sheffield University with Gordon Giltrap
Gene Pitney records “You are” and “Oceans away” for Bronze Recs

“Jingle Jangle Man” compilation LP released by DJM Records
LBC Broadcast recording

Imperial College, London with Greenslade
Coventry, Arts Center Theatre, University of Warwick
“The Actual Woman” broadcast BBC 2.
West Wickham, Caloma College of Education

Gene Pitney album release for Bronze Records
Hemel Hempstead, the Pavilion

Signing to Chrysalis Records


Jan 22nd

Feb 4/5th
Feb 7/8th
Feb 11th
Feb 15-22nd
Feb 25/26th

Mar 23/24th

Apr 7th
Apr 8th
Apr 9th
Apr 10th
Apr 12th
Apr 21st
Apr 27th
Apr 30th

May 3 - 6th
May 10/11th

Aug 13th

Aug 16-21st

Aug 23rd
Aug 24th
Aug 31st

Sep 1st
Sep 5th
Sep 8th
Sep 20th
Sep 21st
Sep 23rd
Sep 24th
Sep 25th
Sep 28th
Sep 29th
Sep 30th

Oct 1st
Oct 2nd
Oct 3rd
Oct 5th
Oct 6th
Oct 9th

Nov 11th
Nov 18-21st
Nov 22nd
Nov 27th

Dec 4th

Meeting Robert Kirby re “Oceans away” strings arrangement.

Recording at Air Studios, London
Recording Bobby Black (pedal steel guitar) Air Studios
Air Studios, London
Air Studios, London
Air Studios, London

Air Studios, London

Hamburg, Musikhalle with 10cc
Frankfurt, Stadhalle with 10cc
Nurenburg with 10cc
Munich, Circus krone with 10cc
Mannheim, with 10cc
Air Studios, London
Air Studios, London
Air Studios, London

Air Studios, London
Air Studios, London

“Oceans away” single/album released on Chrysalis Records   (CHS2100/ CHR 1113) Songs include: Oceans away, On the waterfront, Old Fashioned love, Jewel, Love’s like a song, I will glide, You’ve got the gun, Laundry, Gabrielle, Can you demonstrate.
Radio tour: Radio Clyde(Glasgow), Radio Forth(Edinburgh),  Radio Tees(Stockton), Pennine Radio, Radio Hallam(Leeds), BBC
Merseyside, Radio City, BRMB Radio(Birmingham), Thames Valley Radio, Picadilly Radio(Manchester), Downtown Radio (N.I.)
Radio Victory(Portsmouth)
Swansea Radio
Capital Radio (London) live recording

Plymouth Radio
New Ash Green, Kent concert
Radio Victory (Portsmouth)
Recording at Berwick Studios, London
Radio Victory (Portsmouth)
Newcastle City Hall with The Strawbs
Leeds, Polytechnic
Edinburgh, Usher Hall
Birmingham, Town Hall
Manchester, Free Trade Hall
Picadilly Radio(Manchester) then Bristol, Colston Hall

Pennine Radio “special” then Bradford University
Reading University
Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London
Holland TV, Hilversum then Radio London & Imperial College, London
Brussels, Belgium TV
Dennis Waterman releases single of “I will glide” (DJS 10715)

BBC recording, Maida Vale
German TV “Hits Ago-go” NDR TV
Collegiate Theatre, (University College), London
Won the 11th Gibralta Song Festival with “Just a dream”

Amsterdam, Paradiso Club


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Exeter University with Chris de Burgh
Bournemouth, Winter Gardens with Chris de Burgh
Theatre Royal, Drury Lane with Chris de Burgh

Chrysalis Records releases PG-T single “Jewel” (CHS2134)
Sheffield, City Hall with Chris de Burgh
Liverpool Empire with Chris de Burgh
Croydon, Fairfield Hall with Chris de Burgh
Canterbury, Odeon with Chris de Burgh
Southampton, Gaumont with Chris de Burgh
Leeds, Grand theatre with Chris de Burgh
Aberdeen, Capitol Theatre with Chris de Burgh
Middlesbrough, Town Hall with Chris de Burgh
Wolverhampton, Civic Hall with Chris de Burgh
Derby, Assembly Rooms with Chris de Burgh
Hemel Hempstead, Pavillion with Chris de Burgh
Ipswich, Gaumont with Chris de Burgh
Eastbourne, Congress Theatre with Chris de Burgh
Oxford, New Theatre with Chris de Burgh

Chrysalis Records releases album titled “Teaching an old dog    new tricks” (CHR 1146). Songs include; Airborne, The Lady lives in England, Are you alone?, Private lives, Just a dream, Parade, Angeltown, Don’t treat your lover like a thief, I want to
Winter with you, If we ever meet again.
Album produced by Muff Winwood.

Roger Daltrey releases his album “One of the boys” including PG-T songs, “Leon” and “Parade” (Polydor 2344 066)
DJM Records releases a PG-T compilation “best of” album titled “Gone are the songs of yesterday” (DJM 44330)

Mary O’Hara includes “Oceans away” on her Chrysalis Records album “Music speaks louder than words” (CHR 1194).


Aug 2nd
Aug 6th

Sept 1st

Chrysalis Records re-promotes PG-T single “Jewel” (CHS2134) because it was the music played behind the Christmas “Don’t Drink &Drive” TV/cinema campaign ads.

Munich The Marienkäfer.

Castlebar Song Contest Russ Sainty sings PG-T song “Sunshine on ice” arranged by Robert Kirby.
Castlebar Song Contest PG-T sings his song “Beyond the bridge of dreams”

“One man’s music” a half hour programme about PG-T living in the New Forest  broadcast on BBC 1 TV South.

1979 & the 80s


As performance and royalty income fell, in March 1979 Phillip joined the team at VCL Video Services who recorded
Tina Turner at the Apollo Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue, London (March 25th 1979). Subsequently he produced hundreds of live-in-concert music programmes for TV and video during the 1980s with popular artists of the time beginning with Charles Aznavour at the Duke of York theatre, London. Song-writing and recording took a background role with releases such as, in 1980, the album “Good old Phil’s” on his Gundog Records label (GUN 1LP) and the singles “Fly me to the sun” (GUNS2), “Heartbeat” (see You Tube for TV clip) and “He’ll have to go”.

 “Good Old Phil’s” album contained the following tracks:
The happy song, Rough diamond, Fly me to the sun, Inter-city flight, Sunshine on ice, I breakdown, One more rodeo, Miles go by, Across the centuries, and Radio play that song again.

All songs were written and produced by PG-T. The recordings were made at Arny’s Shack studio Parkstone by Tony Arnold, Sound-Suite studio London by Peter Rackham, Berwick Street studios London by John Middleton, Riverside studios London by David Antony and Air London with Robin Cable.
Musicians contributing were:

Bruce Roberts, Aj Webber, Caroline Trant, Dave Fryer, Terry Murray, Lloyd Courtenay, Triss Margetts, Tony Arnold, Steve Cowen, Paul Beavi, Ronnie Leahy, Robert Kirby, Stella Hemmings, Michele Laurenn, De Lisle Harper, Clice Cunningham, Bob Williams, Chris Brown, Pete Hunt, Rod Combes, Chico Greenwood and Adrienne Loehry.

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